Angela ser*********** January 03 2018
Dear Meliena, the in stock wigs' cap size is average, which is shown in the table above in the article, if you need other sizes, please leave us a message when placing your order, we can arrange a custom order for you.
janette zh.****************** January 03 2018
hi ! I could appreciate some help herp here . I measured my sizes ,but Im not sure wich one is mine with the system above : 1. 36.5 cm 2. 32cm 3. 37 cm 4. 35 cm 5. 41 cm 6. 22 cm Any idea ??
Meliena Zlotos mel**************** December 28 2017
How do I select the size for the Yuba Bob Wig (SKU: YUBA-2) ?

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